Sohrab Mafi

Producer | Host

Sohrab’s experience with Radio began back in the early 80’s when he would appear as a guest host on
the program “Nexus” on KRCL, hosted by John Challenger. In 1992, after many years of searching for the right opportunity to channel this music through, Sohrab Started his first show “Dream Time” on Saturday Mornings playing mostly ambient music. The urge to expand his current program finally gave way to his first prime time weekly produced show “Prelude to Peace”.

His ambition was to share the music as well as bring people together by familiarizing them with the sounds of different cultures; from the Nomadic to New Age. “Music that was non-threatening to the ear.”

As years passed, vocal chants from various origins were gradually introduced, in addition to
instrumental sounds; creating a diverse, devotional and serene program inducing powerful imagery utilized by the listener.

In 1998 Sohrab had the opportunity to expand his current program and incorporate “Nexus” a second show on Sunday nights; delving into a much deeper and meditative journey into the world of consciousness through music. Music both for the spiritual tourist and those seeking the depths of eloquent sounds. Poetic touches coming from Rumi, Kahlil Gibran and other sacred poetry in addition to writings that enhance the mode of concentration, meditation and relaxation became an intricate part of the show.

Each show happened to formulate its own atmosphere and ambiance with diversity of expression through the wide array of music with the natural settings of the day and the night. For 3 years the productions went on for both shows; Sunday nights wrapping up the week in a relaxing setting and Monday mornings, a gentle awakening of the mind and spirit.

Finally after 9 years of production in March of 2002 “Prelude to Peace” programing had to give way, creating time in Sohrab’s life for other creative projects through “Soul cluster Music” and productions leaving Nexus remaining as the only show on air combining the elements from both shows into one!

And even though the name “Nexus” did reveal a certain connectivity with the audience, the representation did not seem meek or sufficient to Sohrab; hence a desire to rename the program. Considering the ethnicities involved in the music and the cultures behind them; in October 2003 “Ethnosphere Radio” was so selected to represent the full spectrum of the concept behind the show. One that of “Unity in Diversity. “

In 2019 the initial attempt was made on a few different levels; for expansion of the 3 hour weekly radio shows but due to insisting negative circumstances … it got delayed until mid 2020, when COVID Isolation, became the impetus for “The Life Force” to manifest itself in the form of the 24/7 Online Streaming of not only #EthnosphereRadio abut also its sister station #RadioIrfan.

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For years this has been an individual initiative with over 30 years of weekly volunteerism; and now as it is growing, we need to have more volunteers help us with the growth of these two stations and also supporters who can help us financially.

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